Speculations on a Transformative Theory of Justice

  • 31. March 2017 | 16:15 – 17:00

Lecture, Denise Ferreira da Silva (Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver)

In her lecture, Denise Ferreira da Silva will explore a plan for decolonization that both attends to and aims beyond the modern matrix of power architectures (juridic, economic, and symbolic) that are responsible for the pervasiveness of racial violence (total, institutional, symbolic) in the global present. From the urgency given by the evidence that the disregard for the political significance of raciality is the most powerful impediment for the realization of the liberal program of justice, she will offer an outline of a thesis and a praxis as a contribution to the preparatory unthinking work necessary for figuring decolonization as the aim of a transformative theory of justice.