Air as Resistance

  • 1. April 2017 | 17:45 – 18:00

Lecture Performance, Tools for Action / Artúr van Balen, Katherine Ball (Budapest, Berlin / Breckenridge, Colorado)

Artúr van Balen and Katherine Ball will give a talk about their past interventions with inflatables and their upcoming project at the Wiener Festwochen. Tools for Action will collaborate with high school students in Vienna, using inflatable sculpture as the modus operandi to explore themes of migration, swarm theory, and questioning if our time is comparable with the 1930s rise in right-wing populism. Tools for Action creates skillshare workshops and open-source manuals in the manufacture of inflatable sculptures and how to use them as playful tools for political action. Their practice is located at the interface between art, activism, and political education. Their objects can be used accordingly: whether as thought provocations, choreographic elements, or mobile barricades.