Inter-Pacific Ring Tribunal

  • 30. March 2017 | 10:00 – 10:45

Lecture, Nabil Ahmed (Dhaka, London)

“Inter-Pacific Ring Tribunal” (Interprt) is an alternative commission of inquiry for investigating patterns of environmental violence that uses the geology of the Pacific Ocean, a 40,000-kilometer line of mines, earthquakes, and volcanoes as its organizing principle. While deploying forensic architecture as a method for gathering spatial evidence of conflict, Interprt seeks to explore the international peoples tribunal as an established, alternative legal forum to test ecocide, or crimes against nature, an environmental violence in urgent need of being integrated into international law. It focuses on a series of geographically distributed sites of ecocide and resistance, such as mining contamination and the self-determination movement in West Papua, the legacy of nuclear testing in French Polynesia by France, and capitalism’s new mineral frontiers under the deep sea.