The Poem on Emptiness

  • 1. April 2017 | 19:30 – 20:15

Lecture Performance, Boris Ondreička (Bratislava, Vienna)

Slovak artist, author, curator, and singer-pessimist Boris Ondreička retrofuturistically speculates about the dark legacy of Romanticism in terms of the definite cultural division of an entity formerly known as humanity from a field formerly known as nature (distanced and postponed materiality) and its consequence in ecological panic; and the evolution of individualization/subjectivization, liberalization, pluralization, relativization, and consumerization into algorithmic, cosmocratic anarcho-capitalism. Ondreička’s language-oriented point of departure is centered on testing various polarities of nihilism including meme-magic. The spoken-word part is accompanied by extensive image-archive projection.

Credit: Boris Ondreička