Abberation: Resistance Against and Alternatives to Extractivism

  • 1. April 2017 | 16:15 – 17:00

Lecture, Enrique Matías Viale (Buenos Aires)

The forms that capitalism takes lead to a real misdevelopment that manifests as an extractive matrix. This in turn fosters a dynamic process of expropriation of natural assets, territories, and thus also individual and collective rights. This development is accompanied by economic, ecological, health-related, cultural, and political ramifications resulting from the massive implementation of extractivism, of the infrastructures and agricultural monocultures of the gigantic corporations. From mining to soy cultivation, from urban extractivism to fracking—it becomes apparent here that economic cartels play the main decision-making role in terms of what is legal or illegal, possible or impossible, just or unjust for urban projects, economic activities, lifestyles, and collective identities.

However, horizontal concepts do exist, which makes it possible to conceive other relational models and other visions of society, such as the concept of commons, environmental rights, healthy lifestyles and ethics. Therefore, it is essential to think about a reform agenda and an alternative to extractivism.