• 2. April 2017 | 11:00 – 11:45

Lecture Performance, Neue Dringlichkeit / Bojan Djordjev, Maja Leo (Belgrade, Zurich)

“Said to contain” (S.T.C.) is the contract-term used by shipping companies to accept containers for transport without verifying their contents.

SAID TO CONTAIN: is a performative research project initiated by Laura Kalauz, Maja Leo and Bojan Djordjev in 2013. They shipped themselves from Hamburg to Buenos Aires on a cargo ship following the logistics supermachine for twenty-four days in the spring of 2016. Piercing the opaque shell of global capitalism SAID TO CONTAIN: looks at how the production, consumption and flow of goods shape our way of being, thinking, and living. In Thinking Public Sessions, a hybrid format between performance, workshop, and discussion, cargo containers become an anchor for dialogue and performative production of knowledge. Cargo containers here serve as a physical space and object of contemplation, but are also illuminated as the operational accelerator of world trade and capitalism to its current metastasis. The format of Thinking Public Sessions aims at using performative tools and situations as both trigger and legitimacy for mobilizing collective political and economic imagination in speculating about what is to be undone and how.

SAID TO CONTAIN: is a performative research project by and with: Maja Leo, Laura Kalauz, Bojan Djordjev, Christopher Kriese, Lisa Schröter, Miriam Walther Kohn. A collaboration between Neue Dringlichkeit (Zurich) and TKH-Walking Theory (Belgrade)

Photo: Ivan Hrkas